April 29, 2012

Colors make the world a happier place...

Happy Sunday! This weekend's colorful ensemble was inspired by all of the amazing weather we've been having here in San Francisco. I just couldn't give up the chance to dig out some brights from the back of my closet. Hopefully the sunny weather will continue and we'll get to see more fun colors this season!

What are some of your favorite colors for spring? 

 bracelets { hermès + kate spade + gift }

shoes { christian louboutin }

shoes { christian louboutin }
bag { miu miu }

top { rory beca } pants { j.crew } bag { miu miu } accessories { christian louboutin + hermès + kate spade + cartier + gifts }

April 21, 2012

78 degrees and amazing...

It's not common for San Francisco to have 78 degree weather (especially in April), which was why this weekend was one of the most amazing weekends we've had in awhile. The HB and I decided to soak up as much Vitamin D as we could and embarked on a 4 hour walking tour of San Francisco along the Embarcadero. We started at AT&T Park where we ran into a few friends and ended with drinks in North Beach at the adorable Comstock Salon. 
Beautiful weather does wonders for your soul, don't you agree?

 top { theory } shorts { abercrombie } accessories { j.crew + rebecca minkoff + ray-ban + tkees }

{ photography by the HB }

{ photography by the HB }

{ photography by the HB }

April 15, 2012

On a sunny day in SoCal...

One thing you'll quickly realize when you follow Sincerely Smitten is that I'll jump on any and every excuse to spend time in sunny LA! I miss Southern California dearly, and this weekend was yet another great reminder of why I love it so much. 

Our flight arrived early Friday evening, and we were excited to be greeted by one of my closest friends, Kathie from Couture and Chai. Kathie picked us up at LAX and promptly took us to Pizzeria Mozza for 3.5 hours of amazing food, wine and conversation. We couldn't have wished for a better "Welcome back to LA" greeting! 

Saturday morning was spent at the HB's brother's graduation with our families in Orange County. And Saturday evening was spent with one of our favorite couples at the ever fantastic, AOC. We stuffed our faces silly with delicious dishes and chatted till we were the last people in the restaurant.

All in all, it was a fantastic trip and we can't wait to do it again soon. Hope you enjoy the pictures below!

 photography by the HB.

 jacket { vintage } dress { pippa } accessories { chanel.bag + kate spade.necklace + halston heritage.belt + dolce vita.boots + falke.tights + cartier.ring + ray-ban.sunglasses }

daisies from Couture and Chai 

April 10, 2012

It's not official until it's on Facebook...

So to make it official, we've taken Sincerely Smitten social! Please visit our shiny new Facebook page to get instant updates on recent posts, special fashion discounts, and so much more. Like Sincerely Smitten on Facebook today!

April 8, 2012

It's finally here...

After months of searching and weeks of patiently waiting, my Céline Mini Luggage has finally arrived (thanks to a good friend of mine who's been on the lookout for me)! Below is a sneak peek at my newest obsession... Keep an eye out for more pictures in the coming weeks!

bag { céline }

April 7, 2012

Charming in Marin...

After the great experience we had in Jack London Square last weekend, the HB and I decided to travel across the bay again in search of a new experience. This time, our bellies led us straight to the Larkspur Farmers Market where we found the ever popular, ArKi Truck. 

The ArKi Truck is quickly becoming the go-to spot for amazing fried chicken in the Bay, but since it's constantly on the move, the only way to experience it is to follow it on Twitter and drive yourself over to wherever it is. Trust me, the travel time and Twitter stalking is completely worth it!

Between the fantastic weather, yummy food and gorgeous flowers, this weekend is looking pretty amazing. Hope you're having a great weekend as well!

marin country mart's farmers' market

ranunculus { farmers' market }

top { uniqlo } jeans { j.brand } accessories { cambridge satchel co. + love quotes + ray-ban + cartier }

fried chicken + beignets { ArKi truck }

April 1, 2012

Happy Sunday...

On an abnormally sunny day in San Francisco, the HB and I took a trip across the Bay to celebrate a good friend's birthday. We don't typically cross the bridge that often, and after today, it was clear to us that we should start changing our ways. After a delightful brunch, we took a stroll around Jack London Square and captured a few random photos around the city. 

Almost equally as exciting, my Reed Krakoffs had their first "photo shoot"! These shoes have been a mini-obsession of mine over the past few months. Can't you see why?

shoes { reed krakoff }

blouse { yumi kim } jacket { vintage } accessories { ray-ban + jennifer zeuner + rebecca minkoff }

car { oakland classic }